Akashic Records

Since early adulthood I have been on a Heartfelt Quest for answers to the ‘Mysteries of Life’ and ways to Activate my ‘Highest Potential’ … This quest has led me to study many modalities with many mentors and teachers along the way …

In 2014 I was thrilled to Rekindle my Connection (past life) with the Akashic Records and also with the Crystal Elohim … These Connections have taken healing sessions with me to a whole new level, with … Access to ‘Deeply Ingrained Subconscious Patterns of Limitation’, and ‘Wounded Feelings from the Inner-Child’, and ‘Self-Destruct Encodements from Past Lifetimes’;  and also the ability to Transmute these ‘Waves of Trauma’ into ‘Renewed Energy for Life’, and ‘Improved Ways of Approaching Life’;  as well as ‘Activating Innate Abilities in the Twelve Strands of DNA’.

I have a Passion for Guiding Others into ‘Igniting the Flame’ of their own ‘Passion for Life’ and their own ‘Pathway of Highest Potential’ and the connection with the Akashic Records and the Crystal Elohim are the Perfect Vehicle for this kind of Transformation …

I regained my abilities to read the Akashic Records with guidance of Maureen StGermain
http://www.maureenstgermain.com …

I also have an International presence as an “Akashic Records Guide” on the website of


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