Young Living Oils & Nutrition

I am ‘Slimming, Rebalancing, & Thriving’ on Young Living Oils & Nutrition …        & I invite you to join me in the quest for ‘Improved Health/ Wellbeing/& Appearance …

This is a “Rolls-Royce” of product range that will assist you to cleanse toxins/ boost immunity/ rebalance hormones/ regenerate tissues/ to look & feel years younger.       Did you know that ‘pure therapeutic grade essential oils’ (being the life-blood of plants) have the same chemical constituents as human blood; & that they absorb almost instantly through the skin & into the blood to do their ‘healing magic’, with no toxic side effects. They are also very safe to take internally, & in fact, are added into the range of nutritional products & supplements to enhance uptake & efficacy of other nutrients.

The facial care/ personal care/ & household cleaning ranges are all safe enough to eat, smell absolutely divine, & are absolutely free of petrochemicals.  You’ll also be quelling negative emotional states & enhancing your mood as you cleanse because of the healing qualities of the ‘pure therapeutic grade essential oils’ in all of these products.

I have added pictures of a small sample of the extensive range of products & a link to my personal young living website where you can view in detail the entire product range & price list. Or you can purchase product as a retail customer from the website. Or you may want to speak to me about becoming a distributor  for a 25% discount on products, or becoming an  ‘Autoship’ customer for even more loyalty benefits & special offers.

ninxia red 489302NingXia Red … This is the absolute must have of the range & combines the extraordinary wolfberry fruit with 100% pure essential oils in a powerful, whole-body nutrient infusion. The people of the Ningxia Province in China consume heaps of these wolfberry fruits, are they are renowned for their health & longevity …  Not only do they live way past 120 years of age they are still working in the fields/ leading active sex-lives/ even producing children!!  And they certainly do not suffer the gross diseases of the western world.  So I am making sure I have my ‘ningxia infusion’ at least twice per day  … I love it as a hot drink as it feels very comforting.

slique challenge kit 458702Slique Challenge Kit … is a wonderful way to lose weight without feeling the least bit hungry, due to the nutrient density of the ‘balance complete’ meal replacement (which I find delicious with frozen raspberries & raw organic cacao powder as a thick shake); whilst also maintaining balanced blood sugar levels due to the ‘ocotea’ essential oil in the Slique Essence; & the natural energy boost from the ingredients in Slique Tea.

A.R.T facial kit 376502A.R.T Skin Care System … It is a must to cleanse/ tone/& moisturize day & night, to begin the restoration of your skin to its former youth & beauty to match the slim & healthy body!!! Young Living’s Age Refining Technology uses essential oils & advanced DNA repair enzymes to renew damaged skin cells, while a peptide complex helps increase skin density & reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, & sun damage.

thieves pack 369702Thieves Cleaning Pack … For a totally petrochemical free & delightfully aromatic  cleaning experience for your hands/ body/ home/& teeth.  Thieves oil has been proven to kill airborne bacteria & mould … Based on a recipe used by robbers who went in to loot the homes of people with bubonic plague but never got sick themselves …        (I like that sort of protection, how about you!!).

Eessential 7 kit 312002ssential 7 Oils Kit … Contains:– Lavender/ Lemon/ Peppermint -(single oils);  plus Joy/ PanAway/ Peace & Calming/ Purification-(oil blends) … A selection of Oils that are designed to calm, cleanse, energize, uplift, soothe, & rejuvenate the mind & the body.

I thrive on Young Living Oils, & I use them in every healing session as part of my repertoire of skills.

As there are in excess of 75 single oils &  60 oil blends in the range, you will need to refer to the website link above for more information. …

There is an oil or blend to soothe or heal just about any ailment you could name & an oil testimonial website full of amazing stories to prove it (see link below).

home diffuser 446802Young Living’s Home Diffuser lights up, & atomizes cold water & essential oils, breaking up molecules into a microscopic mist … using ultrasonic technology to safely eliminate odours & airborne bacteria & viruses …            It is a natural alternative to synthetic air fresheners … Includes free Lavender & Citrus Fresh essential oils …   (It is possible to get this as a free gift if you stay on the Autoship program for 3 months) .

This is an excellent Diffuser to have in your home & to use with Thieves Essential Oil in the winter months,  to help protect the whole family from those super-bugs that seem to be so prevalent these days.