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Throughout my life I have been inspired by many great people who have had the courage to go out on a limb & explore the frontiers of mind, body, spirit & to bring their wisdom & understandings of how to live a better life on this earth.  I too am a risk-taker & adventurer, & I trust my heart to guide me to ‘the truth’ … Then I bring these ‘truths into my work & trust that the people who come to me have something to gain through their contact with me … So, here are some of favourite sources of inspiration … & I trust that they will also bring inspiration & guidance to you as they did for me …

Dr Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.,  (formerly a stem-cell biologist)  is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science & spirit; & he has been a source of great inspiration to me through his books & DVD’s, in which he shares the results of his research & understandings.  The implications of this research could radically & profoundly change your perception of life as he describes how he discovered that genes & DNA do not control our biology; but instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive & negative thoughts.

This is a link to Dr Lipton’s website, where you can view many video presentations of his interviews & workshops over the years.  You can also purchase his books & DVD’s.

Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science & spirituality, & offering insight into how to open doors to our greatest possibilities.  Gregg has been a source of great inspiration to me, through his books/ DVD’s/ etc.  Through his work Gregg offers us powerful new ways of seeing the world & reveals why we are not limited by the “laws” of physics & biology; how to speak the quantum language of healing/ peace/ abundance/ & change; & how to make the simple shift in belief that catapults us beyond the limitations of our past.

This is a link to Gregg Braden’s website, where you can view many video presentations of his interviews & workshops over the years.  You can also purchase his books/ CD’s/ & DVD’s.

happiness crystalDr Masaru Emoto proved through his research that water receives & understands even the subtlest vibrations … & thus molecules of water are affected by thoughts/ words/ feelings …   Water shows us the energy contained in words by forming beautiful hexagonal shaped crystals in the face of positive emotions, whereas negative emotions prevented the water from crystallizing & often formed distorted images. And given that water makes up about 70% of our bodies 204-65then our attitude to the world & the attitude of other people toward us goes a long way towards the formation or maintenance of health  & wellbeing.

The first image is a crystal formed due to feelings of ‘Happiness’. Whereas the second image is of a crystal formed through feelings of ‘Love & Gratitude’ toward Dolphins as teachers of ‘Unconditional Love’ on Earth.

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  • If you have got the idea by now that I love to study the brain & the mind & research the best ways to make lasting changes, then you are right!!  And if you like to watch movies you might also like to hire or buy yourself a copy of “What the Bleep Do We Know” which was originally released in February 2004, which has also been a source of great inspiration to me.  And if you like the movie & want to know more there is a Quantum version with hours of extra footage of the interviews with physicists/ engineers/ physicians/ biologists/ researchers/ journalists/& mystics . Below is the link to the website:–
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